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AS: Paralegal/Legal Assisting: PLA1003

A collection of legal print and online resources available for SCF faculty and students


PLA 1003 - CALI Information

Suggested CALI Lessons for PLA 1003-Introduction to Legal Systems

You can use the search box to find these lessons by typing the title given below or copy/paste the text of any of the titles below into the CALI search box/field):


  • Marbury v. Madison
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • The Erie Doctrine 1: Erie Basics
  • Where Does Law Come From?
  • ALWD Citation Form Part 1: Citation Basics
  • ALWD Citation Form Part 2: Commonly Cited Sources
  • Anatomy of a Case
  • Bringing it to the Jury & Beyond
  • Codification
  • Decision Point: State or Federal?
  • Evaluating Web Sites
  • Finding Statutes
  • Florida Legal Research: Primary Authority
  • Florida Secondary Sources
  • Introduction to State and Federal Statutes
  • Legal Encyclopedias
  • Legal Research 101: The Tools of the Trade
  • Plagiarism - Keeping Out of Trouble
  • Client or Not?
  • Email Correspondence: Ethical and Professional Considerations
  • Fees
  • Sources of Law Regulating the Practice of Law
  • The Attorney's Duty of Confidentiality & the Attorney Client Privilege