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EVR 1001 Reading List

Introduction to Environmental Science

Topic 2

Topic 2:  Matter and Energy

"Application of Physics and States of Matter."  Atoms and Materials, Physics in our World. ScienceOnline.


Subtopic 1Atoms and Molecules

"Atoms & Elements." Carbon Chemistry, Essential Chemistry. ScienceOnline.


 Subtopic 2:  Chemical and Physical Changes

"Chemical Reactions." . ScienceOnline.


Subtopic 3:  Conservation of Matter

"Law of Conservation of Matter."  Encyclopedia of Physical Science. ScienceOnline.

"Materials Balance Approach."  Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies, New Edition. ScienceOnline.

"Mass Balance." The Facts On File Dictionary of Environmental Science, Third Edition. Science Online.


Subtopic 4:  Laws of Thermodynamics

"Laws of Thermodynamics and the Environment." Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies, New Edition.


Case Study:  Endocrine Disruptors

Environmental Endocrine Disruption and Its Potential Impacts on Public Health and the Environment in New Jersey."  Department of Environmental Protection. State of New Jersy. 2003.


Fire Burning Wood.

"Fire." Scarletina. MorgueFile.

"Burning a log in a fireplace is an example of a chemical reaction.
When the wood burns, it reacts with the oxygen in the air.
This chemical reaction forms ash, water vapor,
and carbon dioxide gas." 
Chemical Reactions. Chemical Reactions, Essential Chemistry. ScienceOnline.