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EVR 1001 Reading List

Introduction to Environmental Science

Hazardous Waste and Urbanization

Topic 14:  Hazardous Waste and Urbanization

 Subtopic 1:  Hazardous Waste

"Renewable Energy and Earth's Energy Sources". Renewable Energy, Green Technology.

Subtopic 2:  Urbanization

"Urbanization." Geosphere, Our Fragile Planet. ScienceOnline.



Additional Resources: Injection Wells:

Florida Geological Survey - Map Series 6. Regional Oil and Gas Well Location Maps. State of Florida,  Department of Environment.

 "Underground Injection Control Program." State of Florida, Department of Environment.

"Classes of Wells."  United States Department of Environment.



Case Study:  Curitiba, Brazil - 2 videos.

"Brazil- Curitiba, a Sustainable City."  Cities for People. 2009.


"Jaime Lerner Sings of the City." 2007.