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EVR 1001 Reading List

Introduction to Environmental Science


Topic 9:  Climate

"Climate."  Encyclopedia of Earth and Space Science.


"Climate."  The Facts On File Dictionary of Ecology and the Environment.


Subtopic 1:  The Atmosphere

"Atmosphere." Earth Chemistry, Essential Chemistry. ScienceOnline.


Subtopic 2:  History of Climate Change

"Climate Change Through Earth History." Climate, Our Fragile Planet.


Subtopic  3:  Global Warming and Climate Change (see video)

"Climate Change: Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect."  Series: Environmental Issues and Human Impact. ScienceOnline.


"Global Warming: Ecosystems, Adaptation, and Extinction." Changing Ecosystems, Global Warming. ScienceOnline.


Case Study:  The Ozone “Hole”

"Ozone Hole Over the Arctic and Antarctic."  Polar Regions, Our Fragile Planet. ScienceOnline.


Subtopic  3:  Global Warming and Climate Change (see video)