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EVR 1001 Reading List

Introduction to Environmental Science


Topic 13:  Energy

Subtopic 1:  Energy

"Renewable Energy and Earth's Energy Sources." Renewable Energy, Green Technology.


Subtopic 2:  Peak Oil

"Have We Reached Peach Oil?" Josh Clark.

"Oil Field." Penywise.



Case Study:  Fukushima

"Fukushima Accident 2011." World Nuclear Association. 2013.


Additional Resources:

"Total Energy." U.S. Energy Information Administration. 2013. 

FLP Energy Sources:
"Providing Clean, Affordable Electric Service." Florida Power and Light.

 Renewable Fuel Standard:
"Renewable and Alternative Fuels." United States Environmental Protection Agency.


Grasshopper Effect

Georgia's Fuel Source:
"Facts and Figures." Georgia Power.

North Florida Fuel Source:
"Gulf Power Facts 2013". Gulf Power.

AL Fuel source (only 6% hydroelectric):
"Generating Plants." Alabama Power.