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SCF Library Services for SCF Collegiate School

Information on accessing library resources appropriate for SCFCS assignments

Banner with SCF Libraries and SCFCS logos: Library Services for SCF Collegiate School

Welcome SCFCS students!

The SCF Collegiate School does not have a school library or media center, but the SCF Libraries provide many services and resources to the Collegiate School students both online and in person at our Bradenton and Venice Campuses.

  • We have books, of course! The SCF Libraries have special Young Adult collections of books for grades 6th-12th in both Bradenton and Venice campuses. New and popular books arrive all the time. See the Borrowing Policy below.
  • Our digital collections include eBooks, videos, databases to find articles, and much more! Ask your teacher or a Librarian to show you how to access and use these.
  • Ask a Librarian! We are ready to assist you by chat whether you are doing research for school assignments or you want a recommendation of interesting books to read. 

Policy: Collegiate Student School Privileges

Books borrowing policy for SCFCS students

Grades 6-10 Policy:

SCF Collegiate School students (grades 6-10) have the following borrowing privileges:​

  • Books checkout period = 5 weeks.
  • Students with overdue books will get an "Academic Hold" in their school records. There are no fees for late books. Students with "Academic holds" cannot take exams, register for new classes, or get transcripts. 

  • If a book gets lost or damaged, it needs to be replaced or a replacement fee paid. Students/parents need to talk to a SCF Librarian to replace lost books.  

  • Students can request items remotely from the SCF Libraries Online Catalog ( > Quick Search) and the items will be sent to the SCFCS for them to pick up. They need to sign a receipt when they pick the items up at the CS front desk. 

  • Books can be returned to the SCFCS in a Book Drop located at the CS Front Desk.  

  • Students in SCFCS grades 6-10 cannot check out DVDs or equipment. 

  • Collections:

  • The SCF Libraries have a "YA Zone(YA= Young Adults) with materials appropriate for grades 6-12. Please note that these materials vary in reading level and maturity content from middle school to high school levels. 

  • The teacheroversee the materials the students check out from this collection. The SCF Libraries' staff will allow students to check out any item marked YA. 

  • Materials from the collection called "Popular Readings" are not for SCFCS students, unless they are given permission by a teacher, on specific cases, at the teacher's discretion. 

  • Materials from the Library's "Circulationcollection (2nd floor) are available for study, research, and curriculum needs. Students are allowed to check out from this collection when there are academic or research needs, and at the discretion of the teachers. 

  • Our Collection Development Policy, including process for reconsideration of materials, is available by request. Please contact the teacher or an SCF Librarian if you'd like to get a copy.


Grades 11 and 12:

11th and 12th grade SCFCS students (and also 10th grade students taking college classes or DE-Dual Enrolled) are considered  SCF College students and they have the same borrowing privileges as other SCF College students with no exceptions  (3-week loans, access to all collections and equipment.)


Recommended databases for middle and high school

Research & Assignments

Do you need information for a research assignment? Find reliable sources of information!

Login with the same login you use for MySCF and Canvas.



Databases recommended for middle and high school levels:

Databases for college level that can be useful for CS students:

(Work with a librarian or your teacher as needed.)

Databases recommended for Primary Sources:

(Work with a librarian or your teacher as needed.)

Need more?

  1. Search the list of all databases BY SUBJECT.
  2. Check if we have a GUIDE for that topic.
  3. Ask a Librarian!   We can recommend the best places to search. Use the "Ask a Librarian" chat box on the left.

Other Libraries Websites

Manatee County Public Libraries: To access electronic resources, you need to get a Library Card. Log in with your 14 digit public library barcode and PIN.  You may need to call the public library to set up your PIN. Not all databases available online.

Sarasota County Public Libraries: Digital LibraryTo access electronic resources, you need to get a Library Card. 

Florida Electronic Library search Florida resources as well as a large number of online databases.  Log in with your 14 digit public library barcode and PIN.  You may need to call the public library to set up your PIN.

Library of Congress - Primary digitized documents from American History and related collections.