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Writing and Citing: APA 7th Edition: Books

A guide to help users create citations using American Psychological Association Style, 7th edition.

Citing Books and eBooks

General format 

Book citations need the following elements:

  • Last name of author(s), initials of first and middle.
  • Publication date
  • Title of book
  • Publisher (found on the title page)

Books and eBooks with Authors

Single Author: 

Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Book title: Subtitle. Publisher. 


Westover, T. (2018). Educated: A memoir. Random House. 


Two Authors: 

Author Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial. & Author Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Book title: Subtitle. Publisher.


D’Amico, D. & Barbarito, C. (2016). Health and physical assessment in nursing (3rd ed.). Pearson. 


Three to Twenty Authors:
All the authors must be listed up to twenty in the format of Author Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial., all separated by commas, with an ampersand before the last author. The rest of the citation is the same as single or two authors. 


London, M. L., Wieland Ladewig, P. A., Davidson, M. R., Ball, J. W., McGillis Bindler, R. C., & Cowen, K. J. (2017). Maternal and child nursing care (5th ed.). Pearson. 

Note: If more than twenty authors, put down the first nineteen, then an ellipsis (..), and last author (no ampersand). There should be no more than twenty total authors listed in a reference.

Single Author: 

Direct Quote: (Author Last Name, Year, p. #). Include the Page Number if you have one for Direct Quotes.

Paraphrase: (Author Last Name, Year,). Page numbers are NOT required when paraphrasing, you may include one (in addition to the author and year). 


“Writing activities increase students’ learning and engagement” (Huskin, 2016, p. 3). 


Two Authors:

(Author Last Name & Author Last Name, Year)


(D'Amico & Barbarito, 2016) -parenthetical

D'Amico and Barbarito (2016) state that ...  -narrative

*note: use the "&" in parenthetical citation, use "and" in narrative


Three and More Authors:

(Author Last Name et al., Year)


(Landon et al., 2017). -parenthetical

Landon et al. (2017) write...  -narrative

Selection or Chapter from an Anthology

Chapter from Anthology:

Applies to essays written by different authors in a book compiled by an editor, or short stories/plays/poems inside a book or anthology such as a textbook.

Author Last Name [of Chapter or Article], First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Article or chapter title. In Editor First Initial. Second Initial. Last Name (Ed.) Book title: Subtitle (pp. page range of article or chapter)Publisher.


Glaspell, S. (2013). A jury of her peers. In K. J. Mays (Ed.), The Norton introduction to literature: Shorter eleventh edition (pp. 489-504). W.W. Norton & Company.

Note: Include DOI if available for eBooks.

Books without Authors

Books will usually have one or several authors. They can also be written by organization or government entity as authors, or an anthology of multiple authors, with an editor or multiple editors. Below are some examples of citing books without authors. 


Unknown Author

Book title: Subtitle. (Year). Publisher.


Merriam-Webster's medical dictionary. (2016). Merriam-Webster.


Organization as Author

Name of Organization. (Year). Book title: Subtitle. Publisher.


American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. American Psychological Association.

Note: Organization names are considered proper nouns, make sure they are capitalized in the title.


Edited Book, No Author

When a book has a single or multiple editors but no author, the editors get listed in the authors' spot.

Editor Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial. (Eds.). (Year). Book Title: Subtitle. Publisher.



Catapano, P. & Critchley, S. (Eds.). (2016). The stone reader: Modern philosophy in 133 arguments. Liveright Publishing Corporation.


eBook Citations:
Cite eBooks the same way that you would print books, unless they have a DOI. For those that have a DOI, cite it after the publisher. eBooks without DOI get cited the same as print books. 


eBook without DOI:

Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Title of work: Subtitle. Publisher. 


Ros Velasco, J. (2017). Feminism: Past, present and future perspectives. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 


eBook with DOI:

Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Title of work: Subtitle. Publisher. https://doi 


Ganchev, I., Garcia, N. M., Dobre, C., Mavromoustakis, C. X., & Goleva, R. (2019). Enhanced living environments: Algorithms, architectures, platforms, and systems. Springer.