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Writing and Citing: APA 7th Edition: **NEW** Generative A.I.

A guide to help users create citations using American Psychological Association Style, 7th edition.

Citing Generative A.I.

How-to guide

Citing information gained from using a generative artificial intelligence tool

When using information learned through an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tool such as ChatGPT it is important to explain your search method and results in your paper as well as cite the source you have used in order not to plagiarize. Due to the inability replicate information in A.I., even when using the same prompt, APA recommends adding an appendix at the end of the paper that includes the full conversation between the user and the A.I. 

The basic format for a reference page citation according to APA style:  

  • Author: The author of the model being used (i.e., OpenAI, Meta, Google)  

  • Date: The date is the year of the version you used 

  • Title: The name of the model used (i.e., ChatGPT, LLaMA, Claude). This will be in italics. The version number is included after the title in parentheses 

  • Brackets: Bracketed text should be used as descriptors to help the reader understand the type of source, examples: [large language model]  

  • URL: listed at the end of the citation. Should lead to the home chat screen for the A.I. tool.  

Text A.I.

Basic Format:

A.I. host company. (Year). Title of the A.I. tool. (version date or number)

[type of source]. URL


OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version)

[Large language model].

Parenthetical citation

(A.I. Host Company, Date)

(OpenAI, 2023)

Narrative citation

A.I. Host Company (Date)

Meta (2023)

More resources

For more information on Generative A.I. check out this SCF Library Guide

Art A.I.

When using an A.I. generated image in a paper or presentation you need to credit the source used to create the image. 

Basic Format:

A.I. Model Developer. (Year of Version). Title of model (Version)

[Description of A.I. model type]. URL (2023). Stable diffusion online (version XL)

[Latent text-to-image diffusion model].

Figure 1. 

Manatees in the library

Image of three manatees swimming in a library

Note. Image generated using the prompt "Two manatees having tea inside of a magical library in the artstyle-expressionist" by, Stable diffusion online, 2023 (

Parenthetical citation

(A.I. Host Company, Date)

(, 2023)

Narrative citation

A.I. Host Company (Date) (2023)