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ENC1101: L. Masucci

Starting page for all ENC1101 courses


Welcome to the Assignment Guide to ENC 1101- Professor L. Masucci

I am Theresa, your ENC 1101 Librarian.  If you have questions, send me an email, or visit me at the

SCF Venice Library



Annotated Bibliography

  • Three sources/annotations per person
  • At least one peer-reviewed source from databases per person
  • At least one popular source per person
  • Each entry must be at least 100 words and contain:
    • Correct citation in MLA 8
    • At least one sentence evaluating credibility
  • The group project will contain all entries in alphabetical order
  • Make sure the names of all students in the group are in the heading


  • Select either two essays from your textbook or two essays from the Opposing Viewpoints Database on the same topic. 
  • You are not required to select one that is pro and one that is con. 

MLA 8 Citation Style

For MLA 8 citation help, visit our citation guide

Or visit a librarian.



More Resources


For more resources and information, visit the full Research Guide for Professor L. Masucci

Professor L. Massuci