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ENC 1101: Written Communication: Murray

Starting Page for All ENC1101 Courses

ENC 1101 Prof. Marcy Murray.

Welcome to the Library Guide for ENC1101 Prof. Marcy Murray

I am Russell Reece, your ENC1101 librarian. If you have questions, you can send me an email at, or ask for me at the

Bradenton Library & Learning Center, Bldg. 3

Poe Resources

Searching for Sources

Click on the box for a brief overview on using the SCF Library Quick Search to start your discovery

                                                                       SCF Libraries using quicksearch
Tips for using Quick Search! 
  • Use "keywords", combine them and try synonyms
  • Select FULL TEXT when available.
  • Email the document to yourself or save it to One Drive/Google Docs for safekeeping.
  • Paraphrase, quote, or summarize information and CITE it.
  • COPY + CORRECT the citations (go to the Guide or Ask a Librarian).

Recommended Film and Art Databases

Films to Stream 

Before you pay for a  film from a streaming service, check with the library and see if we can find it for you for free! 

Recommended databases for the visual art assignment 

Searching the Databases

Click on box for instructions on how to starts using the EBSCO databases

*Note* Databases owned by different companies have different formats but all generally have the same search tools. If you have trouble with a database please contact Ask a Librarian. 

SCF Libraries Basic search in EBSCO  

Citing in MLA

Documenting your research: Avoid plagiarism!

  • Always cite the sources you use, even if you "paraphrase" (put it into your own words.)
  • If you copy+paste the citation provided in the database's "Citation Tool", check the rules and CORRECT any mistakes.
  • When in doubt... Ask a Librarian!

Citing Guides

Link to Citing Guides