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SCF Libraries Policies

Policies regarding library services and resources for SCF Libraries in all three campuses.

Types of collections & loan periods

SCF Libraries Collections

The loan periods listed below correspond to regular SCF students, faculty, or staff members.

All other patron privileges are defined according to their Patron Type/User Group (check Circulation Policy). 


Circulation books are intended to support the curriculum and general interest. Located in the second floor (Bradenton & Venice) and first floor (Lakewood Ranch).

  • Loaned for 3-Weeks  (all other patrons) 

  • Loaned for 5 weeks (SCFCS students) 


Course Reserves (Textbooks) 

A limited number of current textbooks are available within Course Reserves. Located behind Friont Desk. Ask for assistance.

  • In-House use 

  • Loaned for 4 hours 


Course Reserves (Equipment & Misc.) 

Equipment & materials which are unique are located under Course Reserves. These items are restricted to SCF students & staff.  Community patrons are not permitted to borrow these items.  Technology items are covered in a separate section.  The following is a sample list of Reserve items & their permissions as of 5/2022. 


Loan Period 

Nursing Kits 


Legos & Games 


Sewing Machines 

1 week 

A & P Models 

4 hours 

Button Maker 

4 hours 


4 hours 

Robotics (OZ bots) 

4 hours 


4 hours 



Exercise Equipment  

1 week 


Popular Reading (Books) 

Books in the Popular Collection are popular fiction and nonfiction in nature (best-sellers, novels, recreational reading).  They are treated the same as Circulation Books, except they are not available to SCFCS students without parental or instructor permission. Located in the first floor (Popular Reading Section)

  • Loaned for 3-Weeks  (all other patrons) 

  • Loaned for 5 weeks, with permission of parent or instructor (SCFCS students) 


Popular (DVDs)  

DVDs in the Popular section (Bradenton: first floor, Venice: 2nd floor) are not available to SCFCS students without parental or instructor permission. 

  • Loaned for 1-Week 

DVDs that are documentaries and literary films are located in the second floor (Bradenton Library) and in the second floor (Venice Library) and follow the Circulation rules.


Young Adult 

Books in the Young Adult Collection are treated the same as Circulation Books. Located in the Young Adults section or room. These include books with typical appeal and content appropriate for middle school and high school levels (11-19 year olds).

  • Loaned for 3-Weeks  (all other patrons) 

  • Loaned for 5 weeks (SCFCS students) 



This collection is a highly curated collection intended to represent contemporary children’s books which are diverse and contain ALA Youth Media Awards winners to provide students in the Early Childhood & Education programs the best of new & current children’s books.   

It is located in the 2nd floor (Bradenton Library and Venice Library), Section PZ7.

  • Loaned for 3-Weeks  

  • Loaned for 5 weeks, (SCFCS students) 



The SCF Reference Collection is limited to use within the Libraries.  It typically holds research content (literature criticism, encyclopedias, anthologies) not available within the SCF databases. 

  • Library use only  


College Archives & Faculty Publications 

College Archives & Faculty publications collections contain historical documents, photographs & memorabilia related to the history of Manatee Junior College (MJC), Manatee Community College (MCC) or the State College of Florida (SCF).  It is not intended as a circulation collection but a reference & research collection.  

Items are available for in-house loan/research and must be requested in advance & arranged by appointment.   

Special handling may be required depending upon the condition & uniqueness of items.   

Photocopy or digitization requests are approved on a case-by-case basis and the Library reserves the right to deny requests due to copyright or availability restrictions or limitations. 

  • Upon request, In-house & by appointment 


Family Heritage House Collection 

Books in the Family Heritage House (FHH) Collection owned by FHH and are loaned to the SCF Libraries.  There is a MOU available.  They are treated the same as Circulation Books, except any loss or damages is determined by the Family Heritage House. Located in the Bradenton Library 2nd floor, to the left of the elevator's exit.

  • Loaned for 3-Weeks  

  • Loaned for 5 weeks, (SCFCS students)