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SCF Libraries Policies

Policies regarding library services and resources for SCF Libraries in all three campuses.

SCF Manatee-Sarasota Policies

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Policies

The SCF Libraries abide by the College Policies in the following areas:

Behavior & Conduct

SCF Student:  

All SCF Students must follow the SCF Student Code of Conduct. Incidents which are in violation of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.  

SCF Student Code of Conduct  


SCFCS Students:  

All SCFCS Students must follow the SCFCS & SCF Student Code of Conduct. Incidents which are in violation of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.  

Additionally, SCFCS student not enrolled in college classes (6-10th Grades) are not permitted to be in the libraries, alone or in groups without a SCFCS teacher, resource officer or parent (in the case of after school hours). 

SCFCS Students are welcome after the SCFCS school day, either with their parent or guardian or as part of the afterschool employee program which requires signing out by the student’s SCF parent or guardian. 

SCFCS Clubs are welcome to meet in the SCF Libraries when accompanied by the club’s sponsor or other responsible party, appointed by the SCFCS. 


SCFCS Code of Conduct Resources 

Visitors 16 years old & younger 

Parents and caregivers with youth or children are welcome to bring them to the Libraries, as long as they remain with them and there are no disturbances.   

The SCF Libraries do not allow children or youth, aged 16 or younger, without a parent or guardian present. If children or youths are identified as being alone, without their parent or guardian, Public Safety will be notified.  


All Types of Community Patrons 

All CCA, Florida Student, 26 West/Entrepreneurial & Reciprocal borrower patrons (i.e. Community Patrons) are welcome to visit & use the SCF Libraries after they have registered as Reciprocal Borrowers with the SCF Libraries & SCF Public Safety. 

All Community Patrons are expected to abide by the SCF Student Code of Conduct. 

The SCF Libraries reserve the right to ask all non SCF students, staff or faculty to leave for any reason, at any time. 


Noise in the SCF Libraries 

The SCF Libraries provide quiet & collaborative spaces for students to work in. Our spaces are dependent upon maintaining a consideration of other patrons.  

The staff will provide up to 2 verbal warnings in instances of noise but reserve the right to ask a student, patron or group to leave if the disruption doesn’t stop and continues to interfere with other students studying or conducting their academic work.  

If a patron refuses to leave, Public Safety will be notified immediately.  

Smoking & Substances Use

Smoking & Drug Use 

SCF is a ‘Smoke Free’ and ‘Drug Free’ institution and the Libraries follow all smoke and drug use policies. 

Smoking on Campus Policy- #12 of Student Code of Conduct.  

SCF Drug Use Policy - #9 of Student Code of Conduct. 

Other Policies

College Technology 


The SCF Libraries follow the SCF IT Wifi, Computer  & Technology Security Policies.  



The SCF Libraries follow all College Privacy policies and the American Library Association in compliance with the Library Bill of Rights. 

Request for information are governed by the SCF Rules and must be made through SCF’s General Counsel .  

The American Library Association & Privacy  

Internet Privacy Policy 

Online Learning Privacy Policies


Request for Public Records