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SCF Libraries Policies

Policies regarding library services and resources for SCF Libraries in all three campuses.


Instruction Policies


Instruction services include the creation, implementation, and assessment of lessons related to the Information Fluency objectives determined by the SCF academic departments, as well as the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (from the Association of College and Research Libraries). 


Types of services 

  • Librarians subject-liaison program: Librarians collaborate with faculty through a system of “liaison librarians” in which each department, program, or course is assigned a specific librarian as liaison. The list of assigned librarians is updated regularly on the SCF Libraries Librarians’ webpage. 

  • Instructional presentations by professional librarians: By request. 



  • Tours & Orientations: Introductory tours of the Libraries or presentation of library services, policies, and resources. 

  • Lessons (or series of lessons): Presentations by librarians may consist of a one-time lesson or a series of lessons, class visits, or projects. 

  • Workshops: Open and interactive workshops on a variety of topics related to research and information literacy. These workshops are usually offered on all three campuses and online, depending on a schedule set up each semester. Faculty and students can see the offerings in the Library’s calendar: 

  • Tutorials & Learning Objects: Librarians are information literacy instructors and prepare general and specific learning objects to support students’ learning. These can take the form of “library guides”, “library tutorials (videos)”, “library quizzes”, and others as needed. Faculty can request the creation of supporting materials by establishing a collaboration with their liaison librarian. 

  • Canvas materials: Learning Objects created by librarians can be embedded in Canvas and course modules, but they are hosted in the SCF Libraries platforms. Faculty can request specific content to be embedded in their course by working in collaboration with their liaison librarian. 



Instruction lessons are offered to any SCF course, including SCF Collegiate School and Dual Enrollment courses. 

  • In person: Synchronous instruction at the Library or in the classroom. 

  • Virtual: Synchronous (SCF Live) presentations through a virtual platform (usually MS Teams). 

  • Virtual: Asynchronous through prepared materials and videos, with follow up with librarians through discussion boards or office hours. 


Process for requesting instruction: 

  • Request Form: Faculty can request a lesson, workshop, or other collaborative instruction by completing the Request Instruction form, available at the SCF Libraries website (under Faculty Services> Instruction). 

  • Menu of Instruction: When placing the request, faculty may choose segments out of a “menu of instruction”, according to the learning outcomes expected for the lesson and the needs of the course. The segments can be combined for larger sessions or for multiple sessions, depending on needs. The menu is updated in the Faculty Services section of the website. 

  • Assessment: Depending on the content of the lesson, the librarian might design an assessment activity to evaluate the students’ learning and to improve the instructional delivery. Faculty can receive the reports or results of the assessment (quizzes, etc.) as appropriate.