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SCF Libraries Policies

Policies regarding library services and resources for SCF Libraries in all three campuses.

Library Closures & Academic Continuity

Weather, Covid19 & other College Closures

The SCF Libraries follow the SCF College Policies and Procedures related to campus closures. Please visit the SCF Website for updates on closures on any of the SCF campuses.


Continuity of Services:

The Library strives to serve patrons even during emergencies & college closures.  

During any closures, the following operations will be suspended until such time as they can be safely resumed following all College guidelines: 

  • Physical open hours & the borrowing of additional physical items 

  • Inter Library Loan lending & borrowing 

  • Items lent by SCF to other institutions will have their due dates suspended 

  • Items lent by other institutions are dictated by those institutions.  

  • Physical due dates for SCF owned materials. 

  • No new academic holds will be placed for ‘late’ items until 1 week after college activities have resumed.  


The SCF Library strives to maintain virtual services even during campus closures, including: 

  • Access to SCF Library eResources & databases.

  • AskALibrarian Reference Chat.

  • Librarian/faculty services such as instruction, online materials, etc. by faculty/librarian collaboration, as possible depending on the situation.


Updates to services & resources, including any grace periods will be posted on the SCF Library Website.